Boston-Halifax cruise ferry may carry up to
1,300 passengers
The vessel serving the Boston-Halifax route will be able to carry passengers,
cars, and trucks, including tractor-trailers.  For peak loads the ferry may
need a passenger capacity of about 1,300 persons.  Cabins of several kinds
will be necessary for all persons, with passenger friendly amenities.  The
average cruising speed is about 22 knots so that the schedule of mid to late
afternoon departures and morning arrivals can be maintained.  Fuel
consumption and ship capabilities may require speed and schedule
adjustments, within the overall overnight concept.  

The required ship will likely be up to about 600 feet in overall length.  All
passengers will be provided overnight accommodation in about 350 standard
(2-4 bunks) cabins plus suites and some economy cabins according to fare.
Vehicle decks are expected accommodate a mixed equivalent of up to 400 cars, and 44 tractor-trailers, including
buses and other commercial vehicles.  

The ship will be passenger friendly, comfortable and affordable.  Cruise ship amenities will include well equipped
cabins, restaurants, shops, conference rooms, movies, gambling, shows, etc., designed to make the traveler feel
at home.  As it looks under current (2010) rate estimates, basic one-way fares will be in the range of $150 per
passenger (with overnight berth) and $150 per car.   A
couple could thus travel one way with car in a standard
cabin for as low as $450 (w/o car=$300), compared to an air fare with car rental of much more than $600.  More
detailed fares will vary according to cabin type and occupancy and special requirements.  
Karlsen Shipping Company
American Ferries Incorporated
Boston-Halifax Overnight Cruise Ferry Service
View of Norwegian ferry in Kiel,
A Cruise Ship in Boston Harbor