Ferry docking locations
Docking locations are planned in the downtown core areas of the regional centers of both Boston and Halifax.  
This downtown to downtown connection provides access to ground transportation networks and gives the
maximum number of potential users the shortest access distances to/from the ferry.  
In Boston, the targeted location is at the City-owned
Wharf 8 (Pier 5) in developing South Boston, near
downtown.  A contingent agreement with the City
(through BRA) was made, and it is expected that the
understandings reached will positively influence the
ultimate location in South Boston.  The terminal
arrangements will have to be refined to meet the
features of the ship acquired for the service.  

The location provides immediate access to the Interstate
System, Logan Airport, and public transportation.  The
adjacent area development includes fish processing
establishments, the Boston Convention Center, World
Trade Center, office buildings, hotels, cruise ship
terminal, Design Center, and many other facilities and
Discussions have been held with the Halifax Port Authority
(HPA) for a new location in the south end of Halifax near the
Ocean Terminals, as shown pictorially to the right.    Prospects
appear very good for a terminal site in this area, which would
serve both passenger and vehicle access needs.  As soon as the
specific dimensions and docking needs of the ferry ship are
determined, the facilities can also be defined and agreed upon.  
Ports central to substantial populations
The port areas which will provide major customers for the Boston-Halifax ferry contain significant
populations, most notably at the Boston side.  Alternate ports in both ares have greater travel distances
to the major population and activity concentrations in the Province.  The table below shows a
comparison of year 2005 numbers.
USA Side
Canada Side
New England:
Atlantic Provinces:
Nova Scotia:
Boston Metro:
Halifax Regional Municipality:
Halifax Seawall (picture from HPA)
South Boston Waterfront

Boston-Halifax Overnight Cruise Ferry Service
American Ferries Incorporated