Our goal is the creation of a year-round overnight passenger-vehicle cruise ferry
between Boston, Massachusetts and Halifax, Nova Scotia.
 Think about it, Boston is the
largest city in New England, and an international port.  Halifax is the largest city in Canada’s Atlantic
Provinces and also an international port.  Yet between the two there is no passenger-vehicle ferry service  
now.  We are planning to create a comfortable and affordable ferry link between the two ports as sketched on
the map below.   
The overnight ferry will depart each port in the afternoon and arrive in the morning at the other, with
layover in either port during the day.  This will give the traveler a sense of a "floating motel" in which
much of the trip can be done while sleeping.  Existing travel services often require hotel links on either or
both ends, consuming extra travel time and additional cost.  Should you want to bring your own car, ship
layover will also allow vehicles to drive onto the waiting ship, instead of queuing up in assembly parking
areas.  Leaving the ship will also be less frantic due to on-board clearances and convenient parking

The initial service will make 3 round trips per week from each port.  The ship will be passenger friendly
and include a variety of food services, conference centers, stores, customs and immigration clearing,
controlled gambling and shopping.  The amenities will be aimed at traveler ease, convenience and
transportation service.

Boston-Halifax Overnight Cruise Ferry Service
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The market is waiting.  The Boston-Halifax sea link continues to receive positive response from the public
- from prospective users as well as those interested in fostering the historic close relationship that the
cities and regions have.  The cruise ferry will emphasize affordable cost , comfort, and convenience while
offering all the elements of a short cruise vacation.  At a lower cost than air fares and without the
gruelling drive, this  overnight cruise ferry will increase options for recreational and vacationing
individuals, as well as for business people and commercial truck traffic.  
American Ferries Incorporated

Boston-Halifax Overnight Cruise Ferry Service
American Ferries Incorporated
American Ferries Incorporated