American Ferries Inc. Founder CEO Johan D. Koppernaes of Halifax
and President Alfred ("Alf") R. Howard of Boston and  met over 60
years ago while in the early stages of pursuing engineering careers at
Dalhousie University in Halifax.  Alf became a transportation
engineer and planner for many years with jobs in both the public and
private sectors.  Johan became a mechanical engineer with emphasis
on fish and processing plants, waterfront facilities, and research into
special structural materials.  Much of his work was done in his own
Halifax  firm, J.D. Koppernaes Engineering.  
We must sadly report
that Johan died in October 2015 at 85 years of age.
Alf Howard
Johan Koppernaes
American Ferries Inc. ("AFI") was founded late in 2001, and registered in the State of Delaware, USA.  

The company was the outcome of 2 years of feasibility studies conducted by Maxam Marketing in
Norway and by J.D. Koppernaes Engineering Ltd in Halifax for prospective American and Norwegian
owners.  The studies concluded that there could be a significant return on the establishment of a
vehicle/passenger ferry between Boston and Halifax.  In addition, the link has the potential to
significantly improve and expand the economic, cultural, tourist, and historic ties that exist between New
England and Nova Scotia ("New Scotland") and beyond.  American Ferries Inc was established to pursue
this concept, with Johan D. Koppernaes the founding Director.  

The current (AFI) Board of Directors include President Alfred R. Howard of Boston,
Secretary-Treasurer E.A. Campbell of Halifax, and Chief Logistics Officer Kevin Lyman of Boston who
replaced Johan Koppernaes.     

Jens Erik Koppernaes, native of Alesund and owner of Maxam Marketing, Norway is a backer and
advisor to the project.
Container Ship in Halifax Harbour

Boston-Halifax Overnight Cruise Ferry Service
American Ferries Incorporated
Most valuable in the day-to-day project operations
is Kevin Lyman, who has served for several years
as Chief Logistics Officer.  He has been effective
in expanding AFI contacts and communications
among businesses, government entities, and
maritime interests.  
Kevin Lyman
Jens Erik Koppernaes